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Tools Of The Trade

Patriot Drone LLC utilizes only professional grade equipment designed specifically to deliver the highest quality resolution.

Currently our platform consists of DJI drones that deliver up to 4K video as well as stunning high resolution still images.

In addition to our professional grade drones, Patriot Drone LLC can incorporate autonomous flight programming allowing for repeatable flights. This allows us to capture data points in the same manner, over and over and over again. This feature is essential in creating a flying time-lapse for a long-term project or simply allowing you to capture still images from the same location, altitude and camera angle, time and time again.

Finally and most importantly, what separates Patriot Drone LLC from other providers is our dedication to safety and professionalism. To be a commercial drone operator, you must obtain an FAA license. Patriot Drone LLC takes it's commitment further than that. In addition to being licensed and insured, Patriot Drone LLC utilizes digital flight recording technology that allows for trace-ability of most flights. This gives us the ability to monitor our equipment for potential safety concerns, create a snap shot of every recorded flight, provides historical data about our flights and allows for scheduled maintenance. 

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